Using GreenScene

Attaching GreenScene

We recommend the use of a biodegradable glue such as PVA.

All GreenScene including the rocks and boulders are light weight and are easily attached to your scene. Grasses are attached by spreading a generous layer of glue over the desired area and lightly sprinkling them on. Gently spread the product to create the depth and texture required. Extra PVA glue can be drizzled over the GreenScene where greater depth is required. For rocks and boulders put the glue on the area you want the feature to be and press the product into place.

Mix and match

Different GreenScene products can be mixed together or stuck on top of each other such as the clump foliage and grass below to create depth and  rich natural looking features on your scene


Colour change and appearancxe

Using natural raw materials gives a great variety of realistic appearances. It does also mean that shapes and  texture will vary from time to time. We think that this is a good thing as it connects us with the natural environment which we are trying to recreate.While we seek to keep images on our website and packaging up to date please don't be surprised if the product which you get on your next order is not identical to the one you had before. 

You use GreenScene knowing it is plastic free model scenery material and will mean you can create great sets without damaging our beautiful world.

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