Making your scenery greener

In the UK alone we throw away about 5 millions tonnes of plastic each year. As we now know, much waste plastic is entering ecosystems and particularly damaging the aquatic environment. At the moment this is only set to increase unless we each take steps to use less plastic. At GreenScene we think we live in a beautiful world that is worth protecting as we create our own amazing scenes. 

Unfortunately,  at present most scenery flocks and clump foliage are plastic based and when disposed of cannot be recycled. These offer a potential contamination threat to our environment.

At GreenScene all of our products are 100% plant based from sustainable sources and are also 100% biodegradable.


All our packaging is recyclable paper and.our paint is also not toxic and biodegradable.


Natural Plastic Free Model Scenery Materials
All your Green Scenery needs in one place:

Whether you intend to make a scene that will last for years 

or enjoy changing the look and layout on a regular basis,

GreenScene has a varied and ever growing range of products to give a unique and natural appearance.

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